Release Guide

h5py uses rever for release management. To install rever, use either pip or conda:

# pip
$ pip install re-ver

# conda
$ conda install -c conda-forge rever

Performing releases

Once rever is installed, always run the check command to make sure that everything you need to perform the release is correctly installed and that you have the correct permissions. All rever commands should be run in the root level of the repository.

Step 1 (repeat until successful)

$ rever check

Resolve any issues that may have come up, and keep running rever check until it passes. After it is successful, simply pass the version number you want to release (e.g. X.Y.Z) into the rever command.

Step 2

$ rever X.Y.Z

You probably want to make sure (with git tag) that the new version number is available. If any release activities fail while running this command, you may safely re-run this command. You can also safely undo previously run activities. Please see the rever docs for more details.