What’s new in h5py 3.10

New features

  • h5py now has pre-built packages for Python 3.12.

  • Pre-built packages on Linux & Windows now bundle HDF5 version 1.14.2. Mac packages still contain HDF5 1.12.2 for now. You can still build h5py from source against a wider range of HDF5 versions.

  • The read-only S3 file driver (‘ros3’) now accepts an AWS session token as part of the credentials (PR 2301). Pass session_token when opening a File (along with the other S3 parameters). This requires HDF5 1.14.2 or later, with the ROS3 feature built.

Deprecations & removals

  • Support for the HDF5 1.8 series was dropped, along with early 1.10 releases. The minimum required HDF5 version is now 1.10.4.

Exposing HDF5 functions

  • H5Pget_fapl_ros3_token & H5Pset_fapl_ros3_token

Bug fixes

  • Various nasty bugs when using nested compound and vlen data types have been fixed (PR 2134).

  • Fixed an OverflowError in some cases when registering a filter with h5z.register_filter(), especially on 32-bit architectures (PR 2318).

  • Sequential slicing/indexing operations on a VirtualSource object (e.g. source[:10][::2]) now raise an error, rather than giving incorrect results (PR 2280).

Building h5py

  • h5py now uses HDF5’s 1.10 compatibility mode at compile time rather than the 1.8 compatibility mode (PR 2320). This is normally transparent even if you’re building h5py from source.